Heavy media separation using magnetite is a reliable technology chiefly used in the beneficiation of coal, that relies on the density properties of magnetite in water.
Already discussed in this series of articles, Mn2O3 already has myriad applications in water treatment/remediation, sensors and in energy storage. Perhaps one of the most promising ongoing and future uses for manganese (iii) oxide is in the production of hydrogen.
Ensuring both clean water ingress for domestic/municipal supplies and effective outflow/sewerage treatment are crucial for localities everywhere. Activated carbon is one of many tools used to enable high quality domestic supplies - whilst also minimising the dumping of untreated wastewater.
Adding further to its myriad arsenal of uses, pyrite is an effective and essential part of the production and recovery of lead.
Magnetite is a common ore of iron, is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals in nature and has many uses and applications beyond the production of iron and steel.
Most powdered glass is sourced from used glass and then ground down. This makes it a more cost-effective resource. There are however milled glass products which are sourced from new glass or reject glass containers for specialised applications.
The use of iron pyrite powder in the manufacture of brake shoes and resin bonded grinding wheels affords desirable properties such as longevity and resilience, in addition to enhancements in the braking and grinding processes.
Building on the use cases for manganese sesquioxide - Mn2O3 - in purification and remediation systems, more ‘high tech’ uses for the compound include in rapidly expanding and economically important sectors around energy storage, transfer and gas/substance detection.
It is widely known that the outcome of certain biological materials entering or persisting in the water supply: illness. Made easier to remove via the use of activated carbon filtration, this third article in a series of activated carbon for water purification, looks at just that. Clean potable water supplies are essential for life - it’s that simple. Additionally, using activated carbon as a support for biological material may be useful.
Far from being an obvious choice for modern industry, manganese oxide - specifically Mn2O3 - finds a wealth of uses from water purification to removal of radionuclides. Coupling low toxicity with broad applications, Mn2O3 is a highly valued commodity.