Modern mining and industry has made great strides in recent years in terms of pollution minimisation - but more can be done. Contaminants in industrial runoff and mining tailings - such as volatile organic compounds, amines, oxides of metals etc. - can be better removed with the help of activated carbon filtration.
Far from being an obvious choice for modern industry, manganese oxide - specifically Mn2O3 - finds a wealth of uses from water purification to removal of radionuclides.
Maddox is a catalyst produced from pure manganese ore that has been treated in a special furnace using proprietary techniques.
Some important properties of feldspar is the alumina and alkali content. Thus they have many applications in the paint, glass, and ceramic industries.
Desalination requires a lot of contaminants to be removed for it to be a viable process. Anthracite and process expanded clay can provide effective, long-term filtration solutions.
Using anthracite and garnet as solvent extraction filter media enhances the solvent extraction-electrowinning process for extracting metals from their ores.