Filler sands are without question a necessity in steel production. Furthermore, chromium-based filler sands are preferred and widely used in the foundry industry.
Crops on agricultural fields are exposed to a variety of compounds and mixtures throughout their growth cycles. One such compound is Copper Oxide (CuO). Lets take a look at its effects.
Refractory materials are an integral part of foundries and other high-temperature operations; chrome compounds can add useful properties to well-established materials.
Blight in tomatoes and potatoes, commonly known as late blight is a curse for farmers of these crops. It can be devastating to plantations and farmlands.
Magnetite has many applications beyond iron and steel, here we look at its applications in coatings, pigments and dyes, recording media and in the Fischer-Tropsch process.
This detailed discussion will provide effective information for you to treat leaf curl disease, which is a serious problem which must be treated properly.
A technique used in sand casting is green sand. It is a mixture of silica sand, chromite or zircon sand, bentonite, water, inert sludge, and coal dust.
Green sand is a compound mixture used for casting of metals, the most widely used moulding type in furnace and foundry applications.
Soda-lime has a host of applications. In fact, it is the most common form of glass produced and is used in 90% of all glass applications.
Demildex Copper Oxychloride is amoung one of the best brands available in the market for the prevention of black spots on roses.