Apple and pear scab are serious diseases which can cause infections and can destroy the young and emerging leaves badly. Demildex can help, lets see how.
Clay roofing tiles come in various shapes and colours. K37 Black pigment, Manganese Brown pigment, and Grey pigment to name a few.
Blue oxide pigments are often derived from minerals. They are used in paints, inks, plastics, fabrics, cosmetics, and food, to name a few examples.
Coal dust is the powdered variety of coal created by pulverization or grinding of coal into fine and smooth grains. Lets examine its applications.
Haemetite, most commonly known as rust, is a chemical compound of iron and oxygen. In the industrial realm it is known as red iron oxide.
Chrome sand is a naturally occurring mineral which has applications in heavy duty grey iron and steel foundries, lets see how.
Everything you need to know about Manganese oxide. Its chemical formula and why it’s used as an additive for made bricks, tiles, and pavers.
For water filtration, why do we use Anthracite filter media? Why its properties make it ideal for water filtration and wastewater treatment?
Every mineral has its own type of processing that is needed. This guide is a review of some of the machines we use in our toll milling.
in this article, we’re going to discuss the new and modern method of filtering water with our new Acti Desolidex Product which is an activated glass filter media.