Filler sands are without question a necessity in steel production. Furthermore, chromium-based filler sands are preferred and widely used in the foundry industry.
A technique used in sand casting is green sand. It is a mixture of silica sand, chromite or zircon sand, bentonite, water, inert sludge, and coal dust.
Green sand is a compound mixture used for casting of metals, the most widely used moulding type in furnace and foundry applications.
Sand casting is an efficient and economical process of producing geometrically complex components and shapes using non-reusable molds. However certain defects can occur in the process.
Although, Petrobond and clay dust sands share several properties in common, coal dust according to a recent study has been shown to possess some characteristics that gives it an upper hand in a casting process.
Coal dust is the powdered variety of coal created by pulverization or grinding of coal into fine and smooth grains. Lets examine its applications.
Chrome sand is a naturally occurring mineral which has applications in heavy duty grey iron and steel foundries, lets see how.