Filler sands are without question a necessity in steel production. Furthermore, chromium-based filler sands are preferred and widely used in the foundry industry.
Refractory materials are an integral part of foundries and other high-temperature operations; chrome compounds can add useful properties to well-established materials.
Green sand is a compound mixture used for casting of metals, the most widely used moulding type in furnace and foundry applications.
Most powdered glass is sourced from used glass and then ground down. This makes it a more cost-effective resource. There are however milled glass products which are sourced from new glass or reject glass containers for specialised applications.
If you want to get a better idea about what is ladle sand and how and why it is being used in the foundries for pouring metal then this is the time for you to learn about the process from a basic level.
Coal dust is the powdered variety of coal created by pulverization or grinding of coal into fine and smooth grains. Lets examine its applications.
Chrome sand is a naturally occurring mineral which has applications in heavy duty grey iron and steel foundries, lets see how.
Iron Chromite's many industrial uses, is because of its high-heat stability, resistance to thermal shock, and resistance to corrosive gasses & slags.
All you need to know about Refractory, the simple guide to refractory and refractory materials. The definition, types and typical applications
Chrome flour (also known as iron chromite, chromite powder, chrome flour 325, and chromite flour) is an inorganic compound that is used as a pigment.