Maddox is a catalyst produced from pure manganese ore that has been treated in a special furnace using proprietary techniques.
Some important properties of feldspar is the alumina and alkali content. Thus they have many applications in the paint, glass, and ceramic industries.
Desalination requires a lot of contaminants to be removed for it to be a viable process. Anthracite and process expanded clay can provide effective, long-term filtration solutions.
In this article, we will go over some of the common water filtration media and find out how they filter water to make it clean and safe for consumption.
Magnetite has many applications beyond iron and steel, here we look at its applications in coatings, pigments and dyes, recording media and in the Fischer-Tropsch process.
Magnetite is a common ore of iron, is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals in nature and has many uses and applications beyond the production of iron and steel.
We will explore the ways in which anthracite can be used to render salinated water potable and drinkable.
For water filtration, why do we use Anthracite filter media? Why its properties make it ideal for water filtration and wastewater treatment?
in this article, we’re going to discuss the new and modern method of filtering water with our new Acti Desolidex Product which is an activated glass filter media.
Coal is used in all types of industries ranging from power, construction, furnace, farming and more. The purest form is Anthracite.