Coal is used in all types of industries ranging from power, construction, furnace, farming and more. The purest form is Anthracite.
It is widely known that the outcome of certain biological materials entering or persisting in the water supply: illness. Made easier to remove via the use of activated carbon filtration, this third article in a series of activated carbon for water purification, looks at just that. Clean potable water supplies are essential for life - it’s that simple. Additionally, using activated carbon as a support for biological material may be useful.
Far from being an obvious choice for modern industry, manganese oxide - specifically Mn2O3 - finds a wealth of uses from water purification to removal of radionuclides. Coupling low toxicity with broad applications, Mn2O3 is a highly valued commodity.
In the second in a five part series on the applications of activated carbon, the use of activated carbon to sequester heavy metals is examined. Heavy metals, for example cadmium and lead, are notoriously difficult to remove from solution and there are serious consequences if these make their way into water courses, drinking water or the sea. Activated carbon is part of the solution.
The first in a five part series on the applications of activated carbon, desalination is discussed here. With certain parts of the world consistently suffering from a poor potable water supply, the concept of desalination is appealing. Contemporary methods for removing the salt from seawater are expensive and energy intensive. The use of activated carbon may help alleviate some of these concerns.
Maddox is a catalyst produced from pure manganese ore that has been treated in a special furnace using proprietary techniques.
Some important properties of feldspar is the alumina and alkali content. Thus they have many applications in the paint, glass, and ceramic industries.
Desalination requires a lot of contaminants to be removed for it to be a viable process. Anthracite and process expanded clay can provide effective, long-term filtration solutions.
In this article, we will go over some of the common water filtration media and find out how they filter water to make it clean and safe for consumption.
Magnetite has many applications beyond iron and steel, here we look at its applications in coatings, pigments and dyes, recording media and in the Fischer-Tropsch process.