Ceramic Application

K64 is an original formulation by African Pegmatite. It is used to provide a range of rich grey colouration in clay and ceramic bricks, roof tiles, and other ceramics construction materials. These materials are often preferred over their concrete counterparts due to their appearance, quality, durability, and desirable properties.

  • Colour created with K64 is permanent and requires no maintenance
  • K64 is finely milled to provide consistent saturation throughout the clay body

The popularity of ceramic and clay building materials is trending in popularity with designers and architects all over the world


K64 is milled to 98% below 45 micron/325 mesh. This fine milling allows for consistent and thorough colour saturation in a variety of clays due to its larger surface area because it is very fine, this will also add in dispersability.

Depending on the content of the clay being used and the desired shade of grey, between 6% and 9% K64 can be used in the manufacture of your clay bricks, pavers, and tiles.

Data Sheets

General Information

Ceramic bricks and construction materials are gaining popularity all over the world due to the advantages of ceramic over concrete and cement. K64 allows building designers, roofer, landscapers, and architects to create attractive and durable grey facing, exterior flooring, and roofs with better quality and appearance than standard concrete as well as many more hues of grey that can be achieved.

If you require a suspension liquid, African Pegmatite can provide detailed instructions for creating the best suspension for your applications. We do not make the suspension liquids ourselves in order to keep shipping costs low.

Grey Colouration in White Firing Clay, Ivory Clay, and White Kaolin

K64 is used to create rich greys in clay and ceramic bricks, pavers, and roofing tiles. It can create similar shades to concrete, but the ceramic bricks are a higher quality product and K64 is also capable of producing warmer shades than can be achieved with concrete.

The clays that are compatible with K64 include white firing clay, ivory clay, and white kaolin. The colouration, as with our other ceramic pigments, is permanent. This provides the end user with a no-maintenance structural feature while providing manufacturers and builders with a better and more cost-effective product.

Fine milling allows for more thorough saturation and distribution because of the larger surface area the product has from the manufacturing process, creating a clay with consistent, rich colouration. Broken or damaged bricks will reveal the same internal colour. When glazing and painting is used to achieve the desired colour, an unsightly interior colour can be exposed by damage or wear to the paint or brick. These external colouration techniques can invite moisture, mildew, and further damage when the paint or glaze is chipped or cracked.  This is a very effective way to manage reject stock on costly product ranges by colouring the body of the tile before glazing.

Roof Tiles, Pavers, and Bricks

K64 is used in a variety of building materials, including clay bricks, exterior flooring pavers, and roofing tiles. While providing a wider variety of design options, these materials improve the quality and longevity of the design or structure they’re applied to. Pavers, facing bricks, and roofing tiles are subjected to a lot of wear and exposure. Clay that’s been coloured with K64 can withstand the elements and the demands of the application.

Advantages of Clay Brick Versus Concrete

Clay and ceramic bricks have distinct advantages in building and construction compared to their concrete counterparts. They are up to three times stronger than traditional concrete bricks, which allows them to be used more successfully in a wider variety of building applications. Concrete materials often have to be treated with a moisture repellent due to their high absorption rates. Ceramic brick absorbs up to three times less moisture than concrete. This, among other properties, makes ceramic brick virtually maintenance-free.

Concrete bricks are more vulnerable to cracking because they shrink over time while clay units will expand. Concrete facing and structures must be built with flexible joints. Clay and ceramic facing and structures need only accommodation for expansion around openings like doors and windows. This can be achieved with a simple joint and flexible caulk sealant.

Clay bricks provide a lifetime of colour that will never fade, which cannot be said of concrete units. Clay bricks also provide more texture and cutting options, allowing designers and architects more creative freedom.

Rise in Popularity

Due to its desirable properties and low maintenance nature, clay and ceramic brick and other building materials are gaining popularity all over the world as an alternative to concrete and cement. Builders and designers of residential and commercial structures prefer the versatility and longevity of clay and ceramic, as well as its sleek appearance.

While greys are often chosen in building design for their neutral and complementary tones, concrete has a limited range of grey that can often appear cold. Ceramic greys that are made with K64 have a warmer look and a wider range.


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