Multiple colours for the clay, brick & cement industry. Manufacturer of oxides, fillers & clays.

For all your container glass colours as well as carbons for the perfect redox conditions

Specialised water media to remove all your impurities.

Suppliers of raw material to produce refractory bricks, filler sand & nozzle sand

Manufacturers of coal dust and chrome sand.

Producers of agricultural fungicide, pesticide & supplements.

Anthracite & Garnet for SX filters

Specialised Milling, Drying and Granulating Services.

Since 1971


Welcome to
African Pegmatite

With today’s ever increasing growth in consumer spending, the escalating demand for finished goods is more fervent than ever. African Pegmatite has, over the past forty years, been instrumental in providing base minerals to the manufacturing sector, in order to transform these minerals into finished commodities. These finished commodities are represented in all sorts of ordinary, yet essential paraphernalia, from coloured glass, bricks and steel, right through to the clean water that flows generously out of your tap

African Pegmatite’s rich history in the minerals industry was born in 1971. It has since been our passion to ensure that our ever expanding product offering would not only accommodate the various markets in the brick, glass, cement, water filtration,solvent extraction,refractory, foundry and agricultural industries, but that we would also remain at the forefront of the industry.