Activated Carbon

Water and Colour Treatment Application

Activated carbon is used to purify water through the process of adsorption. Contaminants and colourants within the water adhere to the porous surface of the activated carbon, allowing them to be filtered from the water. It is created by applying high heat to carbon-rich organic materials like wood, coal, petroleum pitch, willow peat, and more.

  • Proven to remove the taste and odour from water by adsorption of contaminants like methyl isoborneol and geosmin
  • Removes pesticides such as atrazine and simazine from water
  • Removes dissolved organic matter
  • Can be used in the treatment of drinking water, domestic and industrial wastewater, and in colour removal
  • Prevents chlorine and organic fouling in RO and other treatment systems


There are several grades of activated carbon that are each best suited for particular water treatment applications. If you’re unsure of the grade you should choose or if your application isn’t listed here, contact an African Pegmatite representative who can help find the more efficient and cost-effective activated carbon grade for you.

Physical Properties

  • Dry Bulk Density 0.8 kg/m3
  • Effective size in mm (approx.) D10 1.48 mm D60 2.10 mm
  • Uniformity coefficient…….D60 / D10 1.41
  • Bond Work Index ≥ 20-22 kWh/mt
  • Iodine Number (ASTM D4607) 900 - 950
  • Fixed Carbon 80%
  • Specific Gravity 1.3 kg/m3

Data Sheets

Anthracite Based Virgin Granular Activated Carbon


General Information

Activated carbon has been in use as a water treatment and pharmaceutical since 1500 B.C. in Egypt. During WWI, it was used in gas mask filters to help remove toxins from the air. Modern applications of activated carbon include food and pharmaceutical industries, automotive and metal finishing, soil remediation, decaffeination, and of course, water treatment. It is also used orally and intravenously as a treatment for poisoning or substance overdose in humans.

The porous structure created by applying heat to organic material provides a large surface area for the removal of contaminants from air and water. Activated carbon is heavily used in advanced water treatment and continues to facilitate the affordable purification of drinking water for developing regions all over the world. The worldwide market for activated carbon is forecast to reach $6.2 billion in 2022, which would be an increase of $3.5 billion, more than 100%, over seven years.

Different forms of activated carbon can be better suited for different applications. For instance, powder is effective in the removal of synthetic chemicals, while granulated activated carbon removes organic pollutants. Granulated carbon can also be impregnated with silver to inhibit bacterial growth that can foul up water treatment systems.

The water treatment applications of activated carbon include the treatment of polluted bodies of water. Whether by repeated pollution over a span of time or by an accident or incident that causes pollution, activated carbon can help clean the water without any damaging effects on the environment.


Depending on the grade you need, packaging is available from 20kg bags to 500kg bags. Choose the packaging and shipping arrangement that best suits your needs, from small packaging to bulk bags or custom sizes made just for you. We can accommodate virtually any size, from one metric ton to thousands.


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