Other Products
Other Products

Glass Powder
Used as an ingredient in creating ceramic porcelain enamel

Iron Pyrite
Used to create amber container glass, brake pads, grinding wheels and as a filler

Magnetite is a great inorganic natural black oxide which has a very high magnetic content.

A great abrasive used for sandblasting, waterjet cutting, powder coating and denim blasting.

Red Iron OxideNatural inorganic red oxide which is used globally in many industries due to it being very cost effective form of pigmentation

Yellow Ochre
Natural yellow ochre used as a yellow oxide in many industries from leather to concrete.

Blue Oxide
Synthetic blue oxide used in many applications such as paint, plastics, concrete and many other fields. Very versatile product with limitless applications

Green Oxide
Synthetic green oxide used in various applications such as tennis courts, plastics, paint , concrete and many other industries.