Green Oxide

General Application

Used in the coloration of construction materials, architectural products, leathers, and cosmetics, synthetic green iron oxide offers a high tinting strength with fade-resistant light and weather fastness. It is also used in medicinal formulations and in thermosetting plastic, thermoplastic, and rubber track.

  • Improves colour and stability
  • Less product needed to produce colour
  • High resistance permeation
  • Reliably smooth consistency
  • Heat and alkali resistant


  • Paving stones
  • Concrete blocks
  • interlocking blocks
  • split brick
  • roofing tiles
  • asphalts
  • asphalt concrete
  • sport tracks
  • flooring
  • ceramics
  • leather
  • terrazzo
  • masonry
  • fertilizer
  • sand-lime bricks
  • walling blocks
  • water-based paint (interior and exterior)
  • primer and finish paints
  • anticorrosion paint
  • rubber
  • paper
  • mulch

The molecular formula for green oxide is FeO. The crystal is mainly Fe2 and O2-.

General Information

Synthetic green iron oxide or ferric green is a powder composed of various shades of green. Ultra-fine particles offer consistent dispersal that’s smooth enough for printing inks, paints, coatings, and master batches. The small particles improve opacity, which reduces he amount of pigment needed.

Green oxide is produced by the thermal decomposition or precipitation and oxidation of iron salts or compounds. It can also be made during the reduction of organic compounds.

Iron oxide pigments like green oxide are essential to the colouration of architectural concrete because it is cost effective, lightfast, durable, and compatible.

The pigment can be added directly to the concrete mixer for Integral Colour or used in a Colour Hardener on an existing slab. Integral Colour and a Colour Hardener can be used together to combine benefits like abrasion resistance and saturation.

When stamping concrete into a decorative shape or texture, a releasing agent is applied to prevent sticking to the mould. Green oxide can be used to tint the releasing agent to create attractive visual effects and colours using a fraction of the pigment.

Sealers pigmented with iron oxides are similar to paints in that they change the colour of the surface of the concrete, but pigmented sealers can be applied to uncured concrete.

Data Sheets

Green Oxide- General Application


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