Copper Oxychloride
Agricultural Application

Demildex is a copper oxychloride fungicide and bactericide used to prevent infection of plants. Copper oxychloride interferes with the enzyme system of spores and mycelium, causing irreversible damage, and forms a protective chemical barrier against fungal invasion.

  • Lead and other heavy metals are reduced by removing copper joiners from the production process
  • Smaller particle size clings to plant surface better than industry standard and increases antifungal and antibacterial activity
  • Superior manufacturing process reduces the amount of copper chloride in the end product
  • Effectively inhibits and prevents the activity and growth of fungus and bacteria on plants


Average lead level:  73 ppm (international standard: 250 ppm)

Particle size:             30% below .5 micron, 50% below 1.58 micron, 85% below 3.0 micron

Copper chloride:       0.5% to 0.9% (other brands tested as high as 2.0%)

Particle size (micron)Tenacity Coefficient
ProductMean particle size (micron)
DEMILDEX (copper Oxychloride)1.58
Comparable Copper Product A3.13
Comparable Copper Product B3.77
Comparable Copper Product C3.13

General Information

“The fungicidal/antibacterial properties of copper oxychloride are based on copper, which is slowly dissolved in moisture on the plant leaf in the presence of weak organic acids. As plant infections take place during rain, small amounts of copper are released on the plant surface to kill or inhibit germination of micro-organisms.”

-Professor JM Kotzê, University of Pretoria


Copper fungicides are manufactured using scrap copper, which results in the presence of impurities, including heavy metals. Demildex is produced using only the highest quality copper scrap, reducing the number and amount of impurities well below the international standards.

Tenacity coefficient is a measure of the product’s ability to stick to the plant and its resistance to weathering from rain and irrigation. The tenacity coefficient increases with a decrease in particle size. Our ultra-fine Demildex sticks extremely well to the plant.

Optimal particle size is a key factor in the outstanding performance of Demildex. One to two-micron particles drastically out-perform the larger particles found in most copper oxychloride products. Our smaller particles allow for greater fungicidal and antibacterial activity.

Copper chloride has a phytotoxic effect on plants and is therefore undesirable, but is an intermediate compound of all copper oxychloride and copper hydroxide products. The level of copper chloride in Demildex is directly proportional to the reaction time. Because of the long oxygenation time of our production process, Demildex has minimal copper chloride levels.


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