African Pegmatite pesticides and fungicides provide inorganic farm solutions for an extensive variety of fruits, vegetables, and wheat. This protection against common and uncommon pests, fungi, and diseases will increase your profitable yield and prevent epidemics with the potential to devastate entire crops.

We also carry exclusive supplemental formulas that will replenish the nutrients within your soil and prevent sunburn to increase production and better sustain the next season.

Customize your shipment and delivery arrangements to suit your schedule and experience the benefits of working with a company that’s spent four generations perfecting the compounds your crops need for peak performance.


Zinc Chloride
Used to alleviate zinc deficiencies in agricultural products.

Copper Oxychloride
Fungicide/bactericide which prevents infection on plants. It forms a chemical barrier against fungal attack

Copper Oxide
Soil nutrient, minor element in feed additives & used in timber preservation compounds