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Refractory is a high-intensity industry that requires the use of highly-stable materials. These materials must be able to withstand the conditions required for manufacturing and processing refractory products. African Pegmatite offers several milled minerals that produce favourable results in the manufacturing of refractory bricks, nozzle sands, fluxes, liners, and more.

Choose the shipment size and delivery schedule that suits your needs and facility’s capabilities. We’ll deliver customized packages of the materials that enable your production processes. Available compounds include chrome flour, chrome sand, glass powder, coal dust & calcined anthracite

The heat-retardant and heat-deflecting surfaces made with these materials are used in furnaces, kilns, incinerators, reactors, crucibles, moulds, and even rocket-launching structures. Chrome sand and chrome flour are generally used in the manufacture of chrome magnesite bricks that are used to line high-heat environments. Chrome sand is also used often in nozzle sands that prevent tap holes from becoming blocked during the production of stainless steel, which can have long processing times.

Coal dust is also used in the manufacture of refractory bricks, providing the thermal insulation the bricks require to perform in furnaces and kilns. Glass powder, made entirely of recycled materials, can replace the silica traditionally used in refractory production.

Due to the nature of the industry, it’s vital that your refractory materials meet the specifications required by your applications. We mill our refractory compounds and minerals to optimal specifications to not only aid in the production of a premium end product, but also to help ensure the safety of personnel involved in manufacturing, as well as the protection of expensive machinery and other investments into the production process.

Chrome Flour
Used in making blends for ladle sand and nozzle sand. Also used in making refractory bricks.

Chrome Sand
Used in making blends for ladle sand and nozzle sand. Also used in making refractory bricks.

Coal Dust
Used in the production of refractory bricks

Glass Powder
Is widely used in the foundry industry as a formulation in fluxes and in the manufacture of tundish liners