Water filtration
Water Filtration

African Pegmatite offers specialized water filtration media for the removal of organic and inorganic solids, metals, phosphates, and more. Our compounds can be used in a variety of filters and are particularly effective in dual media filtration, reducing backwash frequency and increasing filter run times with more appropriate media specifications.

We’re also proud to have developed a number of water rectification products like Maddox, which allows us to turn previously unusable Acid Mine’s Water into safe drinking water, a landmark achievement in mitigating the water crisis happening in many countries around the world.

In other types of water filtration, our compounds can help reduce waste and unnecessary expenses while improving the efficacy of your filters and the cleanliness of your water.




Activated glass filter media with micro and macro pores that catch all your suspended solids. Less run times with finer micron filtration and long lifespan.

Filtering of organic & inorganic suspended solids in water. Better than traditional silica and longer lifespan with smaller micron filtration

Ion exchange catalyst that removes CO2, sulphides, chlorides, reactive silica and metals (aluminium, copper, cadmium, iron, manganese)

Hydro Anthracite
Water filter applications for removal of suspended solids

Unique to South Africa Magnetite is used in a bottom bed layer in water filtration, ideal for multi-media filters,removal of heavy metals and phosphorus

Used in a bottom bed layer in water filtration, ideal for multi-media filters, it is non-toxic and inert.

Removal of pathogens from water with long lifespan and easy regeneration.

A advanced carbon based water filtration media with a large surface area to remove many impurities from a host of environments