Coloured glass is not only a more attractive and eye-catching option than common clear glass, but also offers benefits like UV protection and non-leeching containment. These benefits are essential to products like beer, wine, pharmaceuticals, and oils, and are also preferred for many plate glass applications for residential, commercial, automotive, and architectural use.

Depending on your specific needs, we can offer a range of green, brown, amber, and black, as well as carbons that aid in the redox process to create a more stable, durable, and preferred product.

With our founder’s expertise backed by generations of experience, African Pegmatite specializes in the production of these colorants and reductive additives for the glass container and plate glass industries.

We currently supply more than 35 manufacturers all over the world with a variety of colours from manganese, chrome flour, pyrites, iron oxide & copper oxide.


Chrome Flour
Produces green colours in glass containers - from Emerald Green to Deadleaf Greens

Iron Pyrite
Used to produce amber and brown colours in glass. It is also a Sulphur source for glass

AnthraciteUsed as a reductant to trim redox levels and making clear glass

Red Iron OxideUsed as a colourant for amber & brown glass without adding further sulphur into the batch should levels be too high

Copper Oxide
Used in the production of black container glass with the use of a heat strike in the process

Copper Oxide
A flux used in glassmaking that assists the viscosity of the glass to improve quality