Coal dust and chrome sand from African Pegmatite have established reputations around the world over the past forty years by providing consistent granulation and composition that offer superior performance in cast and grey iron foundries.

Our customers have come to rely on that consistency as an essential part of their production, as it allows for the manufacture of a higher-quality product, reducing waste and imperfections while improving texture and stability.

At your request, we can provide chrome sand mixtures that range from 20 AFS to 200 AFS. Customize your package size and delivery schedule to suit your production scale and budget. No volume is too big or small, and our dependable delivery channels ensure reliable arrival.


Coal Dust
Used in Green sand foundries, in manual mouldings and automated Castings and plants (Disamatics). Also used as a reducing agent

Chrome Sand
Utilised by the foundries for their steel castings which can be used as moulding sand or a core sand.