Water Filtration Application

Garnet is used as the bottom layer in multi-media filters to improve water and waste water filtration down to 10-20 microns, increase filter run times, and decrease backwashing frequency. Its high specific gravity allows garnet to maintain a large-to-small particle grading within the filter, which provides superior performance.

  • Solids penetrate the entire bed, creating increased storage and longer filter runs
  • Low dust emissions won’t pollute the atmosphere
  • Doesn’t contaminate sea bed or disturb marine wildlife when used offshore
  • Allows you to use less, so disposal and recycling are easier than other slag abrasives

Garnet has won worldwide approval among occupational health and environmental protection authorities.


  • Mined and processed in South Africa.
  • Available in 40kg bags, 1T bulk bags, or custom order.
  • Specific gravity of 4.0.
  • Effective size of 0.3mm filters down to 10-20 microns.
  • Colour varies.
  • Light transmission properties range from gemstone-quality transparency to opaque.

Data Sheets

Water Filtration Media

Solvent Extraction         

Abrasive Grade                

General Information

Garnet is natural, inert, non-toxic, and free of silica, so it offers no known health hazards, including the danger of silicosis.

Garnet is a group of non-toxic silicate minerals with similar crystalline structures and diverse chemical compositions. It is used as the bottom layer in multi-media water filtration for varying configurations that can be used to meet specific needs.

For most municipal and industrial water supply and waste water applications, a filter bed composed of 55% low-density material, 30% medium-density material, and 15% high-density material is recommended.


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