Hydro Anthracite

Water Filtration Application

Hydro-Anthracite can be used alone for water filtration or with various sizes of sand in dual-media filters. Its unique shape and density allow it to filter more efficiently, making it the perfect media for the filtration of drinking water, processed water, pool water, wastewater, industrial water, and municipal water.

  • Low dry bulk density and high strength necessary for nano-filtration (suspended solids with SG less than 1)
  • Irregular granule shapes don’t pack down as tightly as filter sand
  • Filters larger particles and coagulated suspended matter more efficiently
  • Will not perform adsorption
  • Longer filter runs than traditional filter sands
  • Less head loss and backwashing than traditional filter sands
  • Angular sediment penetrates deeper into the bed
  • Large volumes of suspended matter and particles can be removed with one multimedia filter (quartz sand and Hydro-Anthracite)
  • Hydraulically classifies at 850kg/m3 and remains above heavier media, providing a pre-filtration layer
  • Lower uniformity coefficient results in a highly uniform bed


  • Colour: black
  • Hardness: 2.75 to 3 on Mohs scale (higher than other bituminous coals)
  • Relative Density: 1.3 to 1.4 (higher than other bituminous coals)
  • Carbon content: between 79% and 81%
  • Dry bulk density: 850 kg/m3
  • Specific gravity: 1.6 + .05 g/cm3
  • Effective size: 1.2 to 2.4 mm
  • Uniformity coefficient: 1.5 to 1.7

Bond work index: 20 to 22 BBW (kWh/mt)

Data Sheets

Glass Reductant Grade

Black Oxide                       

Water Filtration grade    

Solvent Extraction Grade

General Information

Anthracite was created by the fossilization of dense green vegetation in the Carboniferous Age. It is a very hard variety of coal with the fewest impurities, no fibrous notches, and the highest carbon content available.

The first water filtration systems were made in the 1700s using wool, sponge, and anthracite. African Pegmatite’s milled Hydro Anthracite is a South African tailor-made product formulated specifically for today’s demanding water filtration requirements.

The Benefits of Using Anthracite Water Treatment Filter Media

Filtering Particles

Anthracite particles are angular and irregular, so they do not become compacted. This shape allows for contaminant particles from the water to be suspended throughout the depth of the filter bed, preventing caking and allowing for longer filter run times. Longer filter runs mean less frequent backwashing, which increases productivity and decreases operating expenses.

Flow Rate

Again, due to its irregular particle shape, anthracite filter media allows for a higher water flow rate compared to the standard filter sand that is often used in water filtration. By efficiently cleaning water at a faster rate, anthracite will increase the productivity of your filtration system, supplying more clean water in a shorter space of time.

Backwash Rate

The individual particles of anthracite filter media leave spaces that are beneficial during both the filtration process and the backwashing process. When it becomes necessary to clean the filter bed, backwashing can be done more quickly than with traditional sand. This allows you to get your filter back online more quickly and with less backwashing fluid.

Strength and Chemical Resistance

Anthracite water treatment filter media is perfect for industrial water filtration because of its physical strength and resistance to chemical corrosion and wear. While other sands can be damaged and rendered unusable in certain industrial filters, anthracite performs as desired time and time again.

Dual- and Multi-Media Filtration

Multi-media filters are commonly used in wastewater purification, drinking water purification, and desalination plants. Anthracite is generally placed in the upper bed, where you’ll find less dense filter media. The water is then passed through denser filter media like garnet or filter sand. Anthracite’s ability to retain solids more effectively than standard filter sand makes it perfect for use in the upper bed of a dual-media filtration system.

Other Filtration Applications of Anthracite

Anthracite is a popular choice of filtration media in the copper production industry. During solvent extraction and electrowinning, it is necessary to clean the electrolyte flow between stages. A dual-media filtration system is generally used, and anthracite provides a stable, consistent, and natural upper filter bed that prevents overrun.

Other Industry Applications

The utility of anthracite extends far beyond filtration, though it is arguably the best possible material to use in multi-media water filtration systems. It is also used as a cost-effective and long-burning coal in heating systems. It is also used as a redox glass carbon for manufacturing and colouring glass, as well as ceramics. Smelting and metal fabrication industries make efficient use of anthracite, which can be used without going through the coking process that other coals must go through, and it is the perfect coal for old-fashioned locomotives.

Your Anthracite Filter Media Supplier

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