Acti Desolidex

Water Filtration Application

Use Acti Desolidex in pool, waste water, and drinking water filtration as an upgrade from traditional sand or silica. Acti Desolidex can be used in your existing filters to offer a cost-saving array of benefits.

  • Macro and micro pores allow Acti Desolidex to trap all particles
  • Reduces backwashing frequency by an average 40%
  • Produces cleaner water by filtering down to a finer micron
  • Releases materials easily during backwashing
  • Reduces filtration times by an average 25%
  • Eliminates algae growth
  • Lasts more than three times longer than sand or silica
  • Reduces the need for chlorine treatment by an average of 40%


Available in the following sizes (contact us for custom size):

  • 4-1.0mm
  • 0-1mm
  • 1-3mm

Data Sheets

Acti Desolidex – Water Filtration Grade

General Information

Acti Desolidex carries a negative charge that attracts finer particles to produce cleaner water. With 100 times more surface area and less breakdown than standard filter sand, Acti Desolidex lasts longer and performs better, improving your results and saving on operational expenses.

Activated Glass Filter Media

Glass is known to be a superior water filtration media than traditional filter sand, but activated glass offers an even greater advantage. Activated filter media is negatively charged so that minuscule organic particles will be attracted to it as the water passes through the filter. This helps to eliminate taste and odour from water, as well as some more potentially harmful substances.

Three standard sizes are available and we offer custom sizes on request. This means you can apply the advantages of activated glass to virtually any water filtration application and achieve the best possible results without damaging your equipment.

What Does Activated Filter Media Remove?

Acti Desolidex can be used across many water purification industries including municipal wastewater filtration, industrial water filtration, industrial wastewater filtration, and drinking water processing. When used for these purposes, Acti Desolidex improved the efficiency of filtration of standard contaminants that would be controlled by traditional silica sand but also eliminates other impurities that are attracted to its negative charge.

Phosphorous and bacteria, as well as BOD, COD, and TOC, are removed from municipal wastewater while organic pollutants, oils, TSS, VSS, and particles smaller than a single micron are eliminated from industrial process water. Colour, fibres, and residual mineral oils can be removed from industrial wastewater, and drinking water can be purified of iron, manganese, arsenate, and other chemicals.

Where to Use Acti Desolidex

Before employing Acti Desolidex, it’s important to know that it’s suitable for your purposes. Acti Desolidex can be used in water filtration systems that currently use filter sand or other filtration media. It can be used to filter pool water for naturally filtered pools and all filtered saltwater pools. It can be used in combination with oxidation and at virtually any temperature applied to water filtration systems. Acti Desolidex is perfect for underbedding.

Benefits of Replacing Filter Sand with Acti Desolidex

When compared to regular filter sand, Acti Desolidex greatly reduces the risk of parasites Legionella, Pseudomonas, and Cryptosporidium, among others. Made from 100% recycled, sustainable materials, this glass product is more environmentally friendly than other filter media.

While other filter media remove a range of contaminants, Acti Desolidex offers more complete filtration of organic materials, inorganic materials, oxides, metals, and minerals. It maintains this optimal performance for more than four times the life span of traditional silica sand.

Compared to filter sand, the backwashing frequency of Acti Desolidex is reduced by 40% on average. This reduction increases your productivity and saves you money on operating costs. When backwashing is required, it is more efficient with Acti Desolidex than with regular filter sand.

Glass filtration media eliminates the growth of algae and fungus, which can’t survive on the surface of glass. Due to its resistance to algae and fungus, as well as its reduced backwashing and resistance to caking, Acti Desolidex lasts more than three times longer than traditional silica sand.

As with most activated water filtration products, chlorine content is reduced by about 40% on average. With chlorine being such an integral part of most water filtration systems, it is essential to have a reliable method of chlorine reduction and elimination.

The overall cost of running a filtration system with Acti Desolidex is over 30% less than the cost of running a filtration system with traditional silica sand, which doesn’t perform quite as well. Lower your operational costs while improving your product and efficiency.


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