K37 Black Brick Stain

Ceramic Application

K37 is a custom-designed, black brick stain for your ceramic surfaces. Colour can range from a dark brown to a rich black, depending on your requirements. This beautiful black clay can then be used for bricks, pavers, roof tiles, and other ceramics.

  • Creating a range of colours from one pigment allows you to meet the needs of a wider consumer selection without purchasing additional products
  • Produces brown, matte black, jet black, pure black, rich black, and more
  • K37 can be used in all terra cotta brown red clays at temperatures of +1130°C


K37 is milled to 98% below 45 micron / 325 mesh, which provides great surface area for consistent colour saturation.

Depending on the iron content of your clay and your firing temperature, you can add between six percent and 12% K37 to your mixture to achieve the desired colour or colours, which can range from brown to pure black.

African Pegmatite also offers K37B, which has a lower firing temperature of 1080°C. K37B is finding favour in Spain and other areas that have unstable clays at higher firing temperatures.


Data Sheets

General Information

Black brick and other ceramics are becoming increasingly popular in building design and landscaping. The sleek and high-contrast colour opens the door for endless styles of facing, roofing, and exterior flooring.

If your manufacturing processes require, we can provide you with clear instructions for achieving the best suspension liquid for your purposes. To keep shipping costs down, we do not make the suspension ourselves.

Black Ceramic Brick from Red Firing Clay

K37 and K37B can be used with red firing clay to make a rich black ceramic brick. The fine milling of K37 allows the pigment to fully saturate the clay, creating a smooth and consistent colour throughout the product. Using a customised pigment like K37 to colour the clay as opposed to glazing or painting the brick has the advantage of permanency, even when the brick itself is worn or damaged. It also prevents the issues that can arise from separation of the finish when the finish or the brick is chipped.

Roof Tiles, Pavers, and Bricks

K37 and K37B can be used to colour more than just ceramic brick. Roof tiles and pavers are also a popular application used in the design of a variety of structures. These applications allow building designers, landscapers, and architects to create unique and eye-catching residential and commercial structures, as well as exterior flooring.

Asphalt shingles and painted metal roofs will fade over time and require maintenance. Ceramic roof tiles made with K37 will never lose their colour, providing builders and property owners with a lifetime of rich and reliable black or brown.

Pigmented ceramic pavers open up an endless array of style options for exterior flooring that is generally limited to grey concrete or stone. Fake stone can fade over time while K37 will not. Natural stone will not fade but comes at a higher cost than ceramic pavers pigmented with K37.


One of the best qualities of brown or black ceramic bricks, tiles, and pavers made with K37 and K37B is their longevity. By saturating the ceramic with consistent pigment throughout, manufacturers are able to produce a permanent colouration. Regardless of the age, wear, damage, or exposure of the brick, tile, or paver, the colour will remain as rich as it was at the time of installation.

Painted and glazed bricks can chip and fade, which not only presents unsightly colour inconsistencies but also creates the opportunity for moisture to become trapped beneath the finish. Even though the brick itself is normally resistant to mildew and mould, trapped moisture between the brick and the finish can lead to the growth of both, which can lead to further damage.

Global Trend

Designers are showing increasing interest in black and dark brown ceramic brick all over the world. The combination of its affordability and versatility provide virtually endless creative freedom. By incorporating this design element in structures and properties, designers and architects are able to utilize striking contrast with permanent longevity.

The popularity of sleek, black, ceramic brick is most evident in restaurants, office buildings, and residential structures, but can be seen throughout most building design fields paired with metallic finishes, light coloured wood, contrasting brick colours, and more.

The aesthetic of dark or black brick lends itself to the improvement of a variety of structure types. It is well-suited for contemporary looks, but can also be found as an appealing addition to more traditional styles.


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