Manganese Umber

Clay Application Description

When added to a red firing clay, manganese umber produces an attractive range of browns from speckled to nutmeg to chocolate, depending on your percentage, mixture, and sizing. This beautiful brown clay can then be used for bricks, pavers, roof tiles, and other ceramics.

If your manufacturing processes require, we can provide you with clear instructions for achieving the best suspension liquid for your purposes. To keep shipping costs down, we do not make the suspension ourselves.

  • Creating a range of colours from one pigment allows you to meet the needs of a wider selection of consumers without purchasing more products
  • Has become the industry standard for achieving brown colouration in ceramics



  • Between 9% and 13% irons
  • Manganese-to-iron ratio of 4.8:1
  • Milled to 98% below 45 micron / 325 mesh
  • Naturally contains 46% to 48% manganese
  • Available at 42% manganese upon request
  • Percentage added to clay in your own processing can be between 2% and 6%, depending on the desired colour and the clay


General Information

Manganese umber is a brown ceramic pigment that comes from large natural deposits in Africa. For over ten years, we’ve focused on a particular deposit of manganese umber, because it produces consistent and high-quality texture and colour in the finished product.

The manganese dioxide can withstand temperatures up to 1280° Celsius. Some clays become vitreous and unstable at such high temperatures, so use caution. If your clay is stable enough, firing above 1150° Celsius reduces the percentage of manganese umber needed to achieve the desired colour.

African Pegmatite has a large global footprint with over 170 million coloured bricks produced every year from its products.

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