Specialised Drying

Toll Drying, Raw Material Drying, Sterilisation

Many applications of milled minerals and other elements are sensitive to moisture and require drying of the materials before use. Those intended for high-heat environments can create unwanted steam or a change in temperature if too much moisture is present. Moisture can also inhibit flow in some applications or cause mud to form during milling. We’re also able to sterilise your materials for use in applications that are sensitive to contaminants and bacteria.

African Pegmatite has custom-designed machinery in our processing facilities for the drying and sterilisation of raw materials. Our specialised rotary drying plants are able to reduce the moisture content of your industrial materials down to below 1%, enabling you to safely and effectively use your existing materials for moisture-sensitive applications without the risk of mudding, steam, and costly temperature fluctuations.

  • Get moisture content down to less than 1%
  • Remove contaminants that can inhibit manufacturing and other applications
  • Remove bacteria and pathogens
  • Process your own materials or those ordered from African Pegmatite
  • Able to process small and bulk amounts of any material

Toll Drying

Toll drying allows you to have your own materials prepared in state-of-the-art facilities as needed. Much like toll milling, toll drying is the processing of industrial materials for a toll. This cost-effective service improves performance and production processes, so you save on operational costs, manufacturing defects, and malfunctions. Contact African Pegmatite to speak to a specialist about toll drying.


African Pegmatite’s drying facilities are also able to sterilise materials by burning off contaminants that often occur naturally or start growing after milling, including germs, organics, pathogens and bacteria. Many products need to be treated with sterilisation before they can be used in certain applications that would present a danger if bacteria were introduced or that require an absolute minimum of contaminants. Contact African Pegmatite to speak to a specialist about sterilisation.


Because we use top of the line equipment for toll drying and raw material drying, we’re able to process large bulk volumes of everything from chrome sand to manganese. Our rotary dryers tumble the materials with paddles through a tube to pass them over a flame at a range of 200-250° C. This exposure extracts the moisture thoroughly and consistently so your product will perform as desired.

The temperature within the rotary dryer is carefully controlled to preserve the integrity of your minerals and raw materials. Only those materials that will not undergo chemical changes at 200-250° C can be dried. An African Pegmatite specialist can help you determine if your raw materials are candidates for our drying process.

Contact Us

Contact African Pegmatite to speak with a specialist and find out how we can help improve your industrial manufacturing and other processes involving moisture-sensitive or contaminant-sensitive milled minerals.

We also offer toll milling services to help you get the most out of your raw materials in virtually any intended application. Our experts can help you determine what milling process and specifications are best for your intended applications.


Choose the packaging and shipping arrangement that best suits your needs, from small packaging to bulk bags or custom sizes made just for you. We can accommodate virtually any size, from one metric ton to thousands.


We maintain competitive pricing in an effort to win and retain your business for as long as you need us. Our goal is to meet the needs of every customer, including those with special requests and demanding production schedules.

A 15-day general turnaround for manufacturing allows us to get your compounds to you as quickly as possible, so you can keep up with the demands of your business. Contact us to get in touch with a distributor in your area if you don’t have time to wait for materials.

We currently ship to 44 countries across the world and we’re happy to ship to yours, too. The dependable and professional logistics channels we have in place make it easy to offer great pricing and service regardless of your location.

African Pegmatite

With 48 years as professionals in mining and manufacturing, we have the insight, network, and experience to offer you the very best in quality, service, and efficiency. We’ve been accredited by the ISO 9001 since 2002 and have most recently met the 2015 standard.

We aim to provide the very best materials available to our customers, and become your one-stop shop for colourants, minerals, compounds, and more.

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