Clay & Ceramic

Achieve long-lasting coloration in your ceramics and cement with umber and inorganic colorants that keep your production costs low and manufacturing times short. Our custom shipment and delivery options accommodate any budget and schedule, so you can create consistent, colourfast products on a small or large scale.

An attractive variety of textures and finishes can be produced using our specialized, low-temperature engobe colours. We also offer Manganese and Iron Oxides, which are used by customers across five continents in quality brick manufacturing. Decades of experience have allowed us to refine each compound to suit your exact needs for both a perfect, precise colour and a smooth, even finish that your customers will appreciate.

Explore each of our clay and ceramic colorants to discover the options available for your products and find the exact colour you’re looking for.

Colours currently include grey, black, red, yellow, and brown in a selection of oxides, fillers, and clays. African Pegmatite has a large global footprint with over 170 million coloured bricks produced every year from its products.


Chrome Flour
Used to create grey ceramic body using white firing clay. Used in ceramic bricks, rooftiles, pavers & tiles

Manganese Umber
A stain used to create a range of brown colours to the body of your clay bricks, rooftiles, pavers & tiles.

k37 brickCreates a beautiful jet black colour in the body of your ceramics. Used in bricks, rooftiles, pavers & tiles

Red Iron Oxide
A natural oxide used as a pigment in cement & concrete. Used as a general oxide in many industries.

Yellow Ochre
A natural oxide used in colouring cement & concrete. Used as a general oxide in many fields for its yellow hue.

Red Kaolin
Naturally red firing clay used in many field from fillers to ceramics.

Glass PowderUsed as an ingredient in creating ceramic porcelain enamel

Glass PowderUsed for making glazes for ceramics and increasing durability of ceramics