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Activated Glass Filter Media - Acti Desolidex, Uses, Sizes and Benefits

We all want, indeed we all demand clean, filtered water. But not only do most of us not fully understand how our water is cleaned in the first place we also probably don’t know what new technologies now exist to enable us to clean water more thoroughly and efficiently.

Or perhaps for those industry experts looking to understand more about the latest products and techniques, then please read on. Because in this article, we’re going to discuss the new and modern method of filtering water with our new Acti Desolidex product. But before we do, let’s get a quick understanding of what this product is for…

What is activated glass filter media? In large water filtration systems, it is a modern replacement for traditional sand media. The use of a particular type of glass is activated to increase its surface area and negatively charged to attract and extract organic particles from water in order to purify it.

Activated filter media is a more modern and better replacement for the old sand methods. It doubles the performance and effectiveness dramatically over older systems. And activated glass filtering is even more different and more modern still than normal glass filtering - more on that later.

Why Not Continue to Use Sand?

You could, except activated glass filtering media provides double the performance over sand filters, it’s more resistant to biofouling, bio-coagulation and even transient wormhole channeling of any unfiltered water. Plus, it will not require recharging or replacing for many many years.

We use a specific glass type which has been taken from recycled glass and processed down to specific and optimized particle sizes and shapes (see below). This optimized glass is then put through a number of processes designed to negatively ‘activate’ the glass - thereby increasing its surface area by around 300 times normal amount. This vastly improves its mechanical and electrostatic filtration process.

The resulting activated surface is known to be self-sterilizing. Which essentially means bacteria and other impurities cannot attach themselves to the surface of the glass.

Recharge is simply applied by backwashing with water to restore glass particles to their initial state. This is possible because activated glass is not the same as standard glass media. Let’s explore the difference a little more.

waste water/treament facilty that could use acti-desolidex

Activated Glass Filter Media vs Other Glass Media

Raw materials in active glass are put through a process combining three steps that apply both mechanical and chemical properties to active glass media.

The activation process itself is the main aspect that sets active glass media apart from standard glass media. Activation produces its bio-resistance and it's super-efficient filtering capabilities.

Raw Material – We primarily use only green and brown glass. The metal oxides that are in the glass and gives the colour are the reason for the negative charge. This charge is increased during the activation.

Activated glass production is superior to glass filtration because it’s not simply recycled glass used in the process of filtration, it’s precision cut activated glass used to optimize your filtration system. There is a difference.

With our Acti Desolidex product, for example, we optimize every single particle in the process to produce the very best material available, providing the most optimized shape and size for the application you need it for.

This even includes fine details such as particle sizes which reduce sharp edges that may damage equipment, and that size, weight and other aspects are consistent across all parts - with regular quality control checks to ensure we are maintaining the standard required for cleaner water!

Who Uses activated glass filter media?

There are a number of industries who have now replaced normal filter media with that of this material. These industries are mainly industrial and we’ve outlined a few in the table below.

ApplicationMaterials Extracted
Municipal Wastewater SystemsPhosphorous, Bacteria, BOD, COD & TOC
Industrial Process WaterOrganic pollutants, Oils, TSS, VSS & Particles of smaller than 1 micron
Industrial WasterwaterColours, fibers, residual mineral oils
Drinking Water ProcessesIron, Manganese, Arsenate plus other chemicals

Where activated glass filter media Can Be Deployed

Here are some typical environments in which you can use our Acti Desolidex product.

● Water filter treatments currently using Sand or Other filtration media
● All naturally filtered pools
● All filtered saltwater pools
● Any process using oxidation method
● Any process where the temperature is a factor
● Underbedding or other particle size use

If you’re currently using the older method of sand within your water filtration system, then you should be considering moving to Acti Desolidex. Acti Desolidex has a number of benefits over and above traditional sand filtration methods. Let’s take a look at those benefits now.

droplet hitting water cleaned with acti-dsolidex

Benefits of activated glass filter media (Acti Desolidex)

● Filters at least 50% better than the traditional sand method
● Vastly reduced risk of parasites like Legionella, Pseudomonas, and Cryptosporidium.
● A sustainable product, produced from locally sourced recycled materials
● Filtration at 100% efficiency without filtration aids
● Drying furnace treated prior to activation
● Targets efficient removal of organics, or inorganics, oxides, and other metals and minerals
● Maintains optimum performance for many many years - more than 4x the Life Cycle of sand
● Both Macro, and Micro pores enable the Acti Desolidex solution to trap all particles
● Backwashing frequency is reduced by a staggering 40% on average
● Finer Microns enable filtering down for even cleaner water results
● Materials easily released with standard backwashing
● Filtration times reduced by an average of 25%
● Eliminates algae growth
● Lasts more than three times longer than sand or silica solutions
● Chlorine use is reduced by an average of 40%
● Running costs produce huge savings at one third that of the running costs for sand

Given this comprehensive list of excellent benefits over traditional methods, its no wonder water filtration companies and authorities are turning to new methods like our Acti Desolidex product for better, more efficient water filtration. For a full list of benefits and for more information on our product download our datasheet.

Size Availability of Acti Desolidex

Acti Desolidex is available in the following standard sizes, custom sizes are available on request.
● 0.4-1.0mm
● 0-1mm
● 1-3mm

Do We Need to Change Our Installation or Equipment?

To use activated filter media, and certainly, for our own product Acti Desolidex, there’s no requirement to alter or exchange any equipment that you’re currently using for traditional methods.

So no investment is required in new equipment or installations in order to use Acti Desolidex. Our product can simply be swapped for your current material. If you’re in any doubt, or you need further advice on this aspect then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

water treatment plant where acti-desolidex or anthracite could be used

Is Acti Desolidex Better Than Desolidex?

Yes and No, ActiDesolidex is a superior product to Desolidex, however, they are both active and relevant products within our portfolio. Catering to different budgets and filtration requirements/needs. Both have their particular strengths and uses within particular industries.

In many circumstances, standard Desolidex is more than sufficient for your needs. But, if you would like to discuss upgrading your Desolidex to our new superior Acti Desolidex, then simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

How Quickly Can I Get Acti Desolidex?

We work through a distribution network, which means we can respond really quickly to any inquiries. This normally means we can get your requirements to you within a 15 day period. Speak to us in advance about your larger projects so we can work within your time requirements.

And Finally...

Because here at African Pegmatite source 100% recycled and local material, this means it has a minimal carbon footprint before reaching your facility.

Acti Desolidex has been designed to provide far superior capabilities than standard sand solutions and efficiencies over glass solutions too. Or any other like-for-like solution on the market today.

And not only that, but it’s a quick and natural replacement for your current filtration media. It does not require additional equipment or plant installation.

To get this improved water filtration media, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to assist with your inquiry.

acti-desolidex and other filter media displayed in pots