Building built with k37 black bricks

Black Bricks Using K37 - A Striking Colour for New Builds

The Solution to Your Next Modern Build

When you think of brick buildings you probably think of the red brick homes you pass every day, but in reality, there are a huge number of colours to choose from which will make or break your design. One of the most striking new brick colours to use in new builds are black bricks – they offer a bold effect that allows you to work with other textures and materials to bring your build to life. This colour brick is growing in popularity across Europe and America due to its bold colour and simple elegance.

How are Black Bricks Made?

These bricks are made from red firing clay, like other bricks, but with the addition of K37 black clay oxide which effectively “dyes” the brick. This brick pigment is also known as black ceramic oxide, black clay oxide, or simply K37 . The same pigment can be used in ceramics for tiles, pots and more.

Building built with K37 Black bricks

How Black are these Bricks?

Bricks made with K37 are better described as a charcoal colour – they aren’t so dark they look as though they have been painted, but they are a dark grey-blue-black shade up close. When used collectively in a build, they have a black effect without being overwhelming, and won’t fade in the sun as the K37 colour is fired into the brick.

How is this Colour Brick Best Utilized?

There are a number of ways you can use this brick to enhance the look of your design. While skilled architects will think of striking new ways to use K37 bricks, some suggestions for their use are:

- Combine with bold lines and other materials for a modern look that turns heads. Many architects have already used these bricks on large modern square builds that play with shapes and colours. Combine with metal, wood, or stucco to emphasize the colour and texture of the bricks.

- Large panes of glass contrast beautifully with the dark colour of the bricks, both to enhance the colour of the bricks but also the reflection of the sky and other surroundings in the windows becomes a feature of the build when used with the base of a K37 brick pigment.

- Use for a feature wall or extension to add more dimension to a design. If your design plays with colour and texture a black exterior room plays with the light colours of the rest of the build and enhances the natural lighting and shadows the building has. A black brick extension on an older build can be particularly effective, especially if used with large glass panes or wall looking out onto a garden.

- Use for a bare wall within the home to maximize on the colour and texture of the bricks. A bare brick interior wall can look great with furniture in other clean neutral colours, neutrals combined with bold coloured metals, such as copper or rose gold, or contrast the wall with bold and bright furniture to really make the colours pop.

- Strategically place exterior and interior lighting to bring the build to life at night. This is especially effective if the build is designed with the use of lighting in mind.

- Use the bricks to create different textures for a three-dimensional wall. For example, you can give the wall an almost pixelated look by working with the bricks to stand out from the wall.

- Contrast a building with its neighbours, this can be particularly effective in locations where buildings are close together and the other buildings surrounding it are light in colour.

- Use with traditional architecture for an instant modern upgrade.

- Use for a feature wall by the entrance of a building, and use water and plants to enhance the look. A waterfall on or by the wall is particularly striking, and you can use the contrast of the soft shapes and colours of flowers and plants to contrast against the smooth black wall.

- Be creative with your choice of mortar colour to create different effects. Use different types of colour mortar, you can also achieve striking effects using grey, red, black or yellow mortar. You can also choose to have the mortar flush with the bricks or slightly recessed to create a shadow line – the ways of laying them really are endless! (H3)

Click the links below to see some examples of the ways our past clients have used K37 bricks in their builds:
Boundary Park warehouse and office block in Johannesburg

Building built with K37 Black bricks with window

Where are these Best Used?

Black Brick Oxide can be used in builds anywhere in the world. These bricks can make a bold statement whether used with the backdrop of the rolling green countryside, or in the city. A major benefit of using a dark brick in the city is that it won’t become discoloured or dirtied by city pollution, unlike lighter coloured materials. It is not uncommon to see relatively new builds that used lighter materials that look shabby quickly due to the chosen material’s inability to withstand real-world use.

The use of black ceramic oxide in new builds and renovations offers architects a way to bring any build into the modern day. The use needs to be thought of as a key feature of the build, incorporated into the planning stage before the design is finalised, so that other key features of the build can work to enhance the use of the brick. K37 bricks are bold, modern, and practical, and they demand the chance to take centre stage and not be an afterthought.

K37 Powder in a pot