South African Institute of Foundry Men

The South African Institute of Foundry Men (SAIF) is located at the University of Johannesburg in Doornfontein, Johannesburg. The SAIF was formed in 1964 as a branch from the Institute of British Foundry Men which was established in 1939, thereafter in 2009 the SAIF was registered as a non-profitable organization (Section 21 company).

The SAIF’s Vision: To be the voice of the South African Foundry industry; creating growth and job opportunities through training, skills development and education.

Mission: To improve the competitiveness of the South African Metal Casting Industry; generating sustainable growth and employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Objectives: The SAIF strives to continue advancing the technology and services used in the manufacturing of metal castings by developing skills, training, educating and spreading the correct information and research. SAIF reaches out to learning institutions and schools to encourage the training and teaching of foundry technology, to facilitate the meeting of stakeholders engaged in the founding and allied industries, to correspond and exchange ideas to the science and practice of the casting of metals, and the exhibition of improved metal casting technologies. SAIF prints, and circulates relevant information to stakeholders regarding the industry as well as the metal casting technologies.

African Pegmatite is a member of the South African Institute of Foundry Men

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