Anthracnose is one of the most serious diseases which can cause serious damage to plants. The use of Copper Oxychloride Demildex will not only prevent this problem from occuring but will keep your trees safer for long periods.
Hematite and magnetite are mostly known as sources of iron, but an array of use cases are found when they’re used in soils.
Leaf spot is a very common plant disease that even the most conscientious gardener is expected to see at least once in their vegetation.
Apricots, peaches, prunes and plums are all stone fruit. Some diseases that often threaten these stone fruits include bacterial canker and bacterial spots.
For those who invest time and energy into citrus trees, it can be frustrating losing part of the harvest due to disease. Lets look at causes and treatments.
Crops on agricultural fields are exposed to a variety of compounds and mixtures throughout their growth cycles. One such compound is Copper Oxide (CuO). Lets take a look at its effects.
Blight in tomatoes and potatoes, commonly known as late blight is a curse for farmers of these crops. It can be devastating to plantations and farmlands.
This detailed discussion will provide effective information for you to treat leaf curl disease, which is a serious problem which must be treated properly.
Demildex Copper Oxychloride is amoung one of the best brands available in the market for the prevention of black spots on roses.
Apple and pear scab are serious diseases which can cause infections and can destroy the young and emerging leaves badly. Demildex can help, lets see how.