Anthracnose on a berry bush

How to Treat Anthracnose in Berries, Mangos, Grapes and Avocadoes

When summer comes along after a long winter season and trees are about to sprout with new leaves, flowers are just ready to bloom and our urban forests normally wakes up in this season after a long nap. Although this is a time to enjoy the new colours of nature, this is without a doubt, also a season when you see various unwanted disease’s creeping out. Have you ever noticed some strange growth or spots on the leaves of your deciduous shrubs or trees?

If your answer is yes, then there are greater chances that you are looking at the symptoms of Anthracnose fungicide. The most common symptoms of this fungus are irregular leaves with brown spots. This is basically a fungal disease that is affecting almost every type of plant, vegetable and or fruits whether non-fruiting or fruiting, ornamental plants and grains. Generally, this problem is not fatal to every plant. However, it can progress into a huge problem in the future.

Most of us have noticed the change of colour on leaves, they become brown or spotted, but what is the cause of this? This is the time to know the various causes of Anthracnose fungicide. In a straight approach, the topic we are going to focus on in this article is Anthracnose, the causes of anthracnose, its symptoms, the best treatment for Anthracnose and Anthracnose control. It’s time to educate yourself on how to identify Anthracnose disease as well as how to get the best Anthracnose treatment and Anthracnose prevention in a more effective way. So, here we go:

What is Anthracnose Disease and Which Fruit Does It Mainly Affect?

Anthracnose is a disease which occurs globally and is a common problem. It is one of the most serious and well-known diseases in horticulture. Due to its high level of damage, it normally requires both pre-harvest and post-harvest treatments. This is a problem that can affect various yields. The most commonly affected yields with anthracnose disease are mangoes, grapes, avocadoes, and berries.

Anthracnose fungicide on the twigs of avocadoes is also known as “pepper spot”. While in mangoes it is called blossom blight and degreening burn in citrus. Anthracnose is a general term which is being used for these diseases because all of these are affecting plants in quite a similar way. However, it is a disease that is well-known for the level of damage it can cause to the fruits, vegetables, and trees.

Anthracnose on mango plant leaf

What Does it do to Your Fruit?

Anthracnose is basically a group of different variety of diseases which are causing similar kind of symptoms and problems in various plants or trees, especially in humid and warm areas. Anthracnose disease can cause withering, dying, and wilting of trees. More commonly, this disease affects the developing leaves and shoots. The most common symptoms of Anthracnose fungicide include lesions of various colours or sunken spots in the stems, flowers, fruits or leaves of the tree.

Some infections can also affect the branches and twigs of the trees. These can cause canker (fungal disease) on branches and twigs that result in damage of the bark. However, the severity of infection normally depends on two major factors. These are the types of infected species and the causative agent. The severity of this problem can range from meager unsightliness to the death of the trees.

Anthracnose on grape leaves

What Causes Scab/Anthracnose?

The term Anthracnose is normally used to describe the specific symptoms which are being caused by a complete genus of fungi. Colletotrichum genus is the major cause of most of the anthracnose-based symptoms. This is a specifically problematic species which is impacting hundreds of the types of plants. It can cause damage to cereal crops, grasses, vegetables, and fruits perennial crops, trees and legumes.

If we talk about some specific plants then Anthracnose in tomato is being caused by Colletotrichum coccodes. Even more, to know something more about this, let’s have a look at the following types of anthracnose in different crops:

  • Cotton Anthracnose is being caused by Colletotrichum gossypii
  • Cucurbits Anthracnose is being caused by Colletotrichum lagenarium
  • Pepper anthracnose is coming from Colletotrichum capsica.
  • Anthracnose in a banana’s is being caused by Colletotrichum musae
  • Anthracnose in the bean’s is being caused by Colletotrichum lindemuthianum
  • Anthracnose in grains is being caused by Colletotrichum graminicola
  • Mango anthracnose is being caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
  • Onion smudge is because of Colletotrichum circinans.

These are some of the major reasons which are causing anthracnose in different crops.

avacado leaf with anthracnose

Anthracnose Control

When it comes to Anthracnose control, Anthracnose prevention or treatment for Anthracnose most people get stuck because they do not know how to protect their crops from this serious problem in the best possible way. Although the most common Anthracnose preventions and Anthracnose treatments are highly important to consider to keep your crops from this disease is to ensure the selection of proper seeding and planting materials. It is always important to purchase disease free seeds. After that proper field sanitation is also important to consider.

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If your plants have been infected by Anthracnose then you can separate diseased parts of your plants or trees and get your hands on the best Anthracnose treatment which can help you to keep your trees protected for a longer period of time with ease. Copper Oxychloride Demildex is the best treatment for anthracnose and scab which can protect your yields for a longer period of time and in a more effective way.

This product may be used for:

  • Anthracnose grape treatment
  • Anthracnose mango treatment
  • Anthracnose avocado treatment
  • Anthracnose apple treatment

What is Copper Oxychloride?

It is one of the best Anthracnose control options which you can consider to get rid of Anthracnose in the best possible way. This is a perfect solution for bacterial and fungal diseases in vegetables, fruits, crops, stone fruits, ornamentals, and citrus. It can provide better and economical control of a wide array of diseases in the crops in various situations. This can be applied with a selection of other fertilizers or chemicals in a tank. However, be careful and avoid using with any alkaline products. This can keep the plants from infection in a more effective way. It can also treat the symptoms of scab and anthracnose which you can find on the leaves, stems, flowers or fruits on the trees.

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How it is Used to Treat the Disease?

A common fact about anthracnose is that it normally affects the yields or trees in a warm or humid environment it is because these are the highly favourable conditions for the anthracnose and various other fungal diseases to attack. However, to get rid of any stressed situation in a better way, it can be a better option to rely on this product which can protect the plants, fruits, and flowers from this serious disease.

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More interestingly, this product is based on perfectly reduced amount of Copper oxychloride, which is not going to affect the yield of your plants but rather it will help your plants to stay protected from any of the fungal or bacterial diseases for a longer period of time with ease. It is going to prevent the enzyme which is being a major cause of irreversible damage to the trees and plants. Not only that but it will also create an effective chemical barrier which is undoubtedly, protected against fungal and bacterial invasion. Most importantly, this product does not contain lead and heavy metal particles to ensure the perfect and safe condition of your plant.

How it Saves Money in the Long Run by Preventing Problems and Saving Crops?

Without any doubt, copper oxychloride is one of the most effective chemical solutions which is being used to treat various infections in the trees for a longer period of time. This is being used as the best fungicide and bactericide for many decades. This can prevent and treat the diseased areas of the plants. It will be dissolved slowly into the plant with moisture but will keep the plants protected for a longer period. This is a highly effective solution because of its ability to provide efficient and reliable results. As it can keep your plant protected for the long run. Don’t waste your money trying different chemicals or products when Copper Oxychloride Demildex prevents and treats diseased areas for long periods.

With this detailed discussion, it is not hard to understand that anthracnose is a serious danger for the trees but with the help of being preventive and using this quality chemical product this will assist you in keeping your plants and trees safe from disease.

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